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About us

We are import & export leading firm established in 1975, offering Japanese Sake, Fruit Liqueur, Spirits, Craft Beer and All Kinds of Alcoholic Drinks to professional liquor importers around the globe as well as offering import agency service for wide range of different products to domestic customers in Japan. It's our pleasure to do our best for any inquiries by our existing / potential clients from all over the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time attaching your company profile and business plan in brief for our common success in the near future.


Company Outline

Name of Company Niigata Trading Co., Ltd.
Address No.1-5-16 Meike Minami, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 950-0948 JAPAN
Phone / Fax +81-(0)25-284-2138 / +81-(0)25-284-2139
Types of Business (1) Export Sake, Craft Beer, Liqueur, Shochu and All Kinds of Liquors (click!)
(2) Import Agency Service
(3) Online Shop for Sake and Craft Beer
Licenses Obtained Export, import and distribution License for all kind of alcoholic drinks
Online Retail License for Sake, Craft Beer and Liqueur
Year of Establishment June 14,1975
Capital JPY 10,000,000.-
Number of Staffs 3
Representative Mr. Hideo TOMII / President (Language available: English, Russian & Japanese)
Mr. Toshiaki TOMII / Executive Director (Language available: Chinese, English & Japanese)
Correspondent Bank The Daishi Bank Ltd., Meike Branch
Market Overseas On regular basis ... Indonesia, Malaysia, Finland, United Kingdom
Other experienced markets ... Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Lebanon, India, France, Switzerland, USSR, etc.
Main Customers in Japan Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Individuals
Main Suppliers in Japan Producers for Sake, Craft Beer, Liqueur, Wine, Shochu, Whisky, Spirits and Related Products
Main Suppliers Overseas China, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and others
Related Company Boeki-Sangyo Gijutsu Kenkyusho (English / Chinese - Japanese Translation)

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Our History

1973 The founder, Mr. Hideo TOMII launched a translation & trade consulting office, "Boeki Sangyo Gijutsu Kenkyusho" in Niigata after his long-term experience accumulated extending over customs clearance works, maritime business, air transportation and international trading business required for the international trade consultant.
1975 Established "Niigata Trading Co., Ltd." rooted deep in Niigata as an import-export leading firm in the field of agricultural products, marine products, wild plants, lumbers, machines and general cargoes.
Developed salted bracken in Russia making use of our individual know-how.
1978 Imported fresh onion from Taiwan with our own import quota. (- 1987)
Imported fresh Matsutake from R.O.Korea(- 1990) and also salted and dried mushrooms from Taiwan.
1987 Exported Kamaboko(Surimi) to Taiwan not less than 30 reefer containers a year at its peak. (- 2005)
Imported and exported frozen pollack loaded on 2,000tons vessel from Russia direct to R.O.Korea.
1990 Started import agency business of alcoholic drinks in the place of customers by an individual method "reselling and delivery in bonded area".
1991 Exported Japanese foodstuffs including fresh vegetables, frozen meat/fish and others to former USSR. (- 1997)
1993 Imorted frozen Surimi from USA and Thailand on behalf of a major Surimi manufacture in Japan. (- 1999)
1995 Expanded our bussiness to China mainland and developped edible wild plants and salted mushrooms by our technical instructions at site.
1998 Obtained Import & Export license for all kind of alcoholic drinks, and started marketing of Japanese Sake in overseas' market.
2003 Exported Niigata Sake to Taiwan as our first trial.
Exported Japanese seasonings including Miso, soy sauce and drinkable vinegar to Taiwan.
2006 Exported the top premium brand rice "Niigata Koshihikari" to Taiwan. (2 x 20'FCL)
Exported Sake, Liqueur, Shochu, Awamori to France.
(Replaced our main export item from foods to alcoholic drinks guradually)
2009 Exported Sake and Craft Beer to South Korea. (- 2010)
2009 Obtained Online Retail License for Sake, Beer and Liqueur.
2010 Exported Sake, Liqueur and Shochu to Indonesia.
Exported natural soy sauce to Shouth Korea. (-2011)
2011 Exported Shochu, Rum and Awamori Spirits to France.
2012 Exported Sake, Liqueur and Shochu to Malaysia.
2014 Exported Sake, Liqueur and Craft Beer to United Kingdom.
Exported Sake, Liqueur and Craft Beer to Hong Kong.
2015 Exported Sake to Finland.
2016 Exported Sake and Shochu to India.
Exported Japanese Wine to Indonesia.
2018 Exported Sake, Liqueur, Shochu and Spirits to Lebanon.

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