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Import and Export|輸出・輸入 【Niigata Trading Co., Ltd.|新潟トレーディング】

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Niigata Trading Home

Import and Export|輸出・輸入 【Niigata Trading|新潟トレーディング】

Niigata Trading Co., Ltd. established in 1975 is an import-export leading firm based in Niigata JAPAN consisting of the following four main businesses:

1.Export Alcoholic Drinks / 日本産酒類の輸出業務 (click!)
Sake, Craft Beer, Liqueur, Shochu and All Kinds of ALcoholic Drinks from around Japan /
清酒(日本酒)、クラフトビール、リキュール、焼酎 及び 日本全国の全酒類

2.Import Agency Service / 輸入代行業務 (クリック)
Machines, metals, general cargoes and others / 機械類、金属類、雑貨類、他

3.Online Shop / 通販業務 (click!)
Sake, Craft Beers and Liqueurs / 日本酒、クラフトビール、リキュール

(関連会社) 貿易・産業技術研究所:
4.Technical Translation / 技術翻訳業務 (クリック)
English and Chinese ⇔ Japanese / 英語、中国語 ⇔ 日本語

Our Motto is to deliver feelings relieved with our quality products and best service to customers for our mutual benefits and constant business improvement. We look forward to your inquiry and offer both from Japan and overseas.

Contact us / お問合せ

Niigata Trading Co., Ltd.

Tel: +81-(0)25-284-2138
Fax: +81-(0)25-284-2139

No.1-5-16 Meike Minami, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 950-0948 JAPAN
〒950-0948 新潟市中央区女池南1-5-16
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