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Sake Beer Online|日本酒とクラフトビールの通販

The Sake exporter, Niigata Trading offers parts of our export products to domestic consumers in Japan. All the liquors selected with our special care taste so authentic but refined. Please enter into the page Products/商品案内 or How to Buy/お買い物方法 for shopping of our real Oishii Craft Sake, Craft Liqueurs and Craft Beers!

(For inquiry by importer abroad, please visit the other one page: Sake Beer Export for details)

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9:00 - 18:00, Japanese time

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Mon - Fri excluding the followings:

National Holidays
Dec.31th - Jan.3rd
23 Years Consecutive Gold Medals at
Monde Selection

Sasaya Mozaemon
白龍 特選大吟醸 笹屋茂左衛門
Authentic Japanese SAKE
For Grilled Meats


Deliver Fine Sake & Craft Beer to Consumers in Japan

The Liquor Shop "Sake Beer Online" is promoted by Niigata Trading Co., Ltd.
Add: 1-5-16 Meike Minami, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 950-0948 JAPAN
Email: Click here / FAX: 025-284-2139 / TEL: 025-284-2138 Person in Charge: Mr.Toshiaki TOMI
Working Day&Time:9:00-18:00(Mon-Fri) Horidays:Sat,Sun,National Horidays and others

● Sake Beer Online declines strictly to sell any alcoholic beverages to minors(under 20years old).
● DO NOT drink before driving. DO NOT drive after drinking.

Shop Manager: Toshiaki TOMII
酒類販売管理者 冨井俊明

Sake Beer Online
(Niigata Trading Co., Ltd.)
Tel: 025-284-2138


Sake Beer Online (サケ・ビア・オンライン)は、株式会社新潟トレーディングが運営しています。
Add: 〒950-0948 新潟市中央区女池南1-5-16 運営責任者 冨井俊明
Email: こちらをクリック / FAX: 025-284-2139 / TEL: 025-284-2138
営業時間:9:00~18:00(月~金) 休日:土・日・祝日、他

● 年齢確認実施中。Sake Beer Online は、未成年者には酒類を販売致しません。
● 飲んだら乗るな、乗るなら飲むな。

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