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How to Buy

日本語ページはこちら → お買物方法

For inquiry of import our products, please visit the page Sake Beer Export(click here!).

Indication based on "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions"

Name of the shop Online Liquor Shop "Sake Beer Online (サケ・ビア・オンライン)"
Name of promoting company Niigata Trading Co., Ltd.
Type of Business Online shop for alcoholic beverages (Sake, Beer and Liqueur)
Person in charge Mr.Toshiaki TOMII
Address 1-5-16 Meike Minami, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 950-0948
TEL / FAX 025-284-2138 / 025-284-2139
Price and related charges of product(s) including tax(5%) Product Price only (Cost for Trackage + Payment charge are on our account)
Aboves are indicated for each products on the page Products.
How to order Enter the page Order and order by FAX or email.
Payment term Customers can select one of the following terms:
(1) Pre-payment through bank
(2) Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) operated by "Kuroneko Yamato".
Date of shipment on the above payment terms Within 5 working days of the shop after confirmation of the order and the stock.
Return or replacement of product(s) in case of claim (1) In case of misarrangement or defective product(s) originated in the shop are observed, the shop shall replace the products or pay back to the customer.
(2) Please note that any products after unpacking are not acceptable.
(3) The shop cannot accept unreasonable requirements by the customer's one-sided reason.
Expiry date of return and/or replacement of product(s) Within 7 days after carogo delivery.
Privacy Policy

               Let's enjoy shopping after confirmation of above terms.

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Deliver Fine Sake & Craft Beer to Consumers in Japan

The Liquor Shop "Sake Beer Online" is promoted by Niigata Trading Co., Ltd.
Add: 1-5-16 Meike Minami, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 950-0948 JAPAN
Email: Click here / FAX: 025-284-2139 / TEL: 025-284-2138 Person in Charge: Mr.Toshiaki TOMII
Working Day&Time:9:00-18:00(Mon-Fri) Horidays:Sat,Sun,National Horidays and others

● Sake Beer Online declines strictly to sell any alcoholic beverages to minors(under 20years old).
● DO NOT drink before driving. DO NOT drive after drinking.

Shop Manager: Toshiaki TOMII
Attended "Liquor Sales Management Training"
on June 21,2018

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