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Authentic Japanese SAKE

Japanese SAKE for Beef Steaks

"Hakuryu, Sasaya Mozaemon"
23 Years Consecutive Gold Medals Including 15 Times of Grand Gold at Monde Selection since 1997

Brew Maser, Kazuhiro SHIOKAWA offers an unique but fine Sake with pleasant complex flavor in it.

Hakuryu Shuzo Co., Ltd. since 1839 is one of leading Sake breweries in Niigata. "Tokusen Daiginjo, Sasaya Mozaemon" tastes medium full body, which has tender but refinded fruitiness like banana or pear in it. The Sake has awarded 23 years consecutive gold medals incluiding 15 times of Grand Gold Medal (Trophy) at the prestigious Monde Selection since 1997. This is so ideal both for gift use and for your own use. Enjoy the authentic flavor with your favorite foods! Shiokawa Shuzo since 1912 is an up-and-coming Sake brewery from Niigata. The brewes offer so unique Sakes for western cuisines, and "COWBOY YAMAHAI" is one of them. It has a refind but complex flavor derives from traditional Yamahai yeast mash method, which makes the Sake so ideal for pairing with many kinds of different foods including grilled meats like spicy beef steaks, hamburg steaks with demi glace sauce, etc. Just try it and you can find a different way of drinking.
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